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Tuesday 08 November 2011 - 13:06:49

Complaints: Get the right approach and right process
Complaints, allegations and accusations must be dealt with. They won't go away if you ignore them and they certainly won't fix themselves. So, what are the five most important steps to take when you receive a complaint; either about a member or the club itself? What needs to be in place? What do you need to know? To find out more go to the Newscentre at the Play by the Rules website (

How will your club manage players who behave badly?
Some days the news seems full of headlines about sports stars behaving badly. Some criticise the players, others say we expect too much of our sporting idols, while some claim that clubs should have better policies and tougher penalties in place.

But we all know that poor behaviour is not restricted to elite athletes and, from time-to-time, players at all levels do or say things they may regret. So how do we encourage and teach players to behave appropriately? And what sort of policies should clubs have in place to manage and penalise those who cross the line?

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